Hybrid working
15 Mar 2022





​​Hybrid working involves attending both the workplace and working from home. Within STFC, different working models are in place, e.g. based at home but travel to site occasionally for face to face meetings, training etc. Other staff may be based on site but work from home when a need arises. Whatever the model, regular communication needs to be in place to ensure any concerns are dealt with quickly. Items to discuss: productivity, motivation, team interaction and employee wellbeing.

Before permitting home-working the employer must ensure that a risk assessment has been completed to ensure all potential hazards and risks have been properly considered.

STFC Guidance

  1. Hybrid working generic RA
  2. Working from home checklist
  3. Challenges with hybrid working
  4. Strategies to deliver effective hybrid working in an organisation

UKRI Guidance

Roles and responsibilities​​
Risk Assessment Lone Working.png
​Lone working
Risk Assessment Working at Home.png 
Working at home
Risk Assessment DSE-Ergonomics.png
DSE and ergonomics
Risk Assessment Electrical Safety.png
Electrical safety
PAT testing and Hybrid working.png
PAT and hybrid working

Contact: Baker, Gareth (STFC,DL,COO)