Risk Management
07 Mar 2022







​Managing risks to staff in an integral part of general management within STFC. This page contains a number of helpful links to facilitate risk management​.

Risk assessment​ ​awareness video

  • This video is intended as an awareness tool and refresher for those already trained. It is not intended to replace the in-person STFC risk assessment course, contact your local SHE team to arrange this if you perform risk assessments as part of your role​.
  • Ignore the link to the free risk assessment tool advertised on slide 22/23. Instead you should use the STFC word template linked below or enter your risk assessment data onto Evotix Assure, also linked below.
  • Video takes approximately 30 mins to complete.

SHE Code 06: Risk Management

​BiteSize trai​ning for SHE Code 6

Risk assessments should generally be stored within the STFC's safety management system ​Evotix Assure​.

While the process of authoring and maintaining risk assessments is best done within Assure, it is often useful to start with a Word template. SHE Group also provide a number of examples of 'good' risk assess​ments​.

​Here are a number of documents to help with the process of generating and managing risk assessments on the system:

Review an existing RA on Evotix Assure1.pdf
Archive a risk assessment on Evotix Assure.pdf
Set a review for new risk assessment on Evotix Assure.pdf
Print a copy of your RA from Evotix Assure.pdf
Assure Approval Process for SHE Website.docx
​​​How to create a QR Code for your risk assessment.pdf

How to ​copy RA and resurrect an archived Risk Assessment.docx
How to re-as​sign a Risk Assessment

Contact: Davies, Laura (STFC,DL,COO)