Totara - STFCs Learning Management System
03 Nov 2016







STFC SHE provide both class room based courses and on-line courses.

The training available is listed in the SHE Training Catalogue.

The on-line training courses are all located on the STFC Learning Management System which is called Totara.

The on-line packages include a test which must be passed for your training to be successfully recorded.

In the SHE section of Totara you will find:

  • BiteSize packages – these are short summaries of each of the STFC SHE Codes.
  • Mandatory training packages
  • More in depth training packages for some subjects such as Radiation and COSHH.

Click on the Totara logo below to access the learning management system...

Totara learning management system link

Help with accessing Totara

​STFC Staff
​Use your STFC email address and corporate password (you do not need to create a new account)
​Cockcroft Institute
Research Complex
Rosalind Franklin
​Use your /  /  email address. You may be able to use your corporate password, or you may need to use “Forgotten your username or password?” to set a new one. (you do not need to create a new account)
Other colleagues​Use the "Create New Account" button on the login page. See Non-Staff access to totara for further guidance.

Managers can monitor their team's progress in completing SHE and other online training in Totara.
This guide explains how to do this - Managers Guide

The following are examples of the on-line training packages available on Totara:

1. STFC Radiation Awareness Training

This basic level awareness course is mandatory for all staff and others working in areas where radiation hazards exist. This course does not address working with ionising radiation hazards, for details see (SC29 Management of Ionising Radiation at Work - Appendix 10.)

2. COSHH Awareness Training

Basic chemical safety training for staff working with chemicals may use this as a basic introduction to chemical safety. Note that it does not provide any additional understanding of chemistry.

3. Personal Travel Safety

Basic travel safety guidance for inexperienced travellers, travellers to new countries or regular overseas travellers on STFC business.

Contact: Smith, Andrew (STFC,DL,COO)