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03 Nov 2016



STFC Learning Management System




Along with the BiteSize train​ing packages, STFC employs and is increasingly using a suite of on-line SHE training packages to deliver its SHE training programmes.

These are now all accessed through the STFC Training Portal - Totara

STFC staff need not create a new account, use your stfc email address and corporate password when prompted.

Cockcroft, Research Complex and Rosalind Franklin staff should not need to create a new Totara account but may have to use a separate password​.

Other colleagues wishing to use Totara should use the "Create New Account" button on the login page

The following on-line training packages are open access for all staff and can be accessed here, they include a test which must be passed for your training to be successfully recorded, on-line certificates are generated for most courses and can be printed on successful completion of a course​:

  1. Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Training
    Note: in addition to completing DSE training staff are also required to complete an on-line DSE self-Assessment of their desk/workstation (this should not be confused with competing the DSE training’s test or assessment).

  2. STFC Health and Safety Policy BiteSize​
    This course is mandatory for all existing, and new, staff. The cours​e includes a test and is not subject to routine refresh

  3. Safe Manual Handling Training
    Note: on-line Manual Handling training is provided for Swindon Office based staff, those based at other sites should undertake the practical tutor led training course. By exception and on request to SHE Group, individuals may be permitted to employ the on-line training, for example those with pre-existing back problems etc.; 

  4. STFC Radiation Awareness Training
    This is the basic level awareness course is mandatory for all staff and others working in areas where radiation hazards exist. This course does not address working with ionising radiation hazards, see here​

  5. COSHH Awareness Training
    Basic chemical safety training for staff working with chemicals may use this as a basic introduction to chemical safety. Note that it does not provide any additional understanding of chemistry. 

  6. Asbestos Essentials​
    This course is mandatory for all existing, and new, staff and any others who work at STFC sites (RAL, DL, CO, TCH, ROE). The course includes a test and is not subject to routine refresh

  7. Asbestos Awareness 
    This course is specific to those staff whose roles may result in them being exposed, or managing others who may be exposed, to asbestos containing materials in the course of their work on STFC sites​.​

  8. Personal Travel Safety​
    Basic travel safety guidance for inexperienced travellers, travellers to new countries or regular overseas travellers​ on STFC business.

There are simple How-To guides for:

  1. Staff accessing the new training packages; and
  2. Managers​ wishing to monitor their team's progress in completing SHE, or indeed any other online training, in Totara.

If you have any problems with these packages, please contact Gareth Baker ( DL ext. 3285).​

Contact: Baker, Gareth (STFC,DL,CSD)