STFC Polaris House
26 Sep 2014



STFC Polaris House SHE information


Key Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) Information​

This webpage, developed specifically for STFC staff who work at Polaris House (PH) [Swindon Office], provides a simple summary of important STFC SHE information and resources for new starters and staff working at PH.

Key SHE induction items:

The STFC’s Health and Safety Policy (PDF - 199kB - link opens in a new window) is underpinned by a range of S​HE codes, developed with our science laboratories, workshops and facilities in mind.

Not many of the SHE codes are relevant to STFC staff working from PH, those that are - have been documented in a one page summary for office based staff - “STFC Office SHE Essentials”, please take the time to read this.

Further information can be obtained either from the STFC SHE Group or your Departmental Safety Contacts:

Science Programmes Office, Execu​tive Chair's Office and CSD Rose Rus​sellPH ext. 2061
Finance Zina Fellows RAL 01235 44 6672
Strategy, Performance & Communications Karen Summers RAL 01235 44 5994
Business & Innovation Mark RobertsDL 01925 86 4308

Key JBOS contacts for Polaris House and Swindon Office campus related SHE issues are Kay Hearne, ext. 1160 and Paula Iles, ext.3217.

Contact: Baker, Gareth (STFC,DL,COO)