STFC Site SHE Booklets
21 Nov 2016



STFC SHE Handbooks




New Starters

These booklets are part of STFC’s SHE induction programme for new starters.

Managers need to ensure their new staff complete the checklist on the back of the relevant booklet for their site within two weeks of joining.

Further details on induction and other training requirements are available in SHE Code 10 – Provision of SHE Training.

Further guidance on how to induct and manage new starters is available on the Health and Safety Executive’s website (link opens in a new window).


The following Tenant Safety Handbooks​ each contain a comprehensive, site specific summary of all relevant health and safety requirements that tenants are expected to follow and adhere to.​

The handbooks​ also contains contact information for tenant support staff.​​​


If you are responsible for hiring or managing contractors at STFC then before they begin work you must ensure they receive a copy of this booklet along with any project/task/job specific SHE information they require.

Further details are contained in SHE Code 15 – Management of Contractors.

Further guidance on managing contractors is available on the Health and Safety Executive’s website (link opens in a new window).

Work Experience Students

Managers of work experience students are responsible for their health and safety and for ensuring they are properly supervised at all times.

The Public Engagement Teams have produced the following booklets to help managers and supervisors make STFC’s work experience placements safe and successful.

Further information is available on the work experience intranet page.

Contact: Smith, Andrew (STFC,DL,COO)