SC38 - Summary
06 Dec 2010



Code Summary





  • Health hazard from Legionella bacteria

Roles Affected

  • Staff and Contractors working on or near water systems


Legionella are a range of bacteria widespread in natural fresh water which can if they proliferate cause Legionnaires' disease or Legionellosis - potentially fatal forms of pneumonia.

Legionella will grow optimally in stagnant nutrient rich water in the temperature range 20°C to 45°C. Water contaminated by Legionella presents a risk when it is dispersed in air in the form of an aerosol and there are opportunities to inhale infected water droplets.

The code establishes STFC standards and arrangements for the management and control of Legionella risks at STFC premises minimising, avoiding or preventing infection.

It establishes Legionella Responsible Persons (LRPs) to manage the operation and maintenance of Legionella registered systems and advise on Legionella matters.

Installation, maintenance or modification of existing water systems must be approved by the LRP.​

Contact: Baker, Gareth (STFC,DL,COO)