SC38 - Appendix 5
06 Dec 2010



Record Keeping and Water System Registers




​The LRP shall ensure that appropriate records are kept, including details of:

  • The person or persons responsible for conducting the risk assessments, managing, and implementing the associated written scheme(s) and the training records of such personnel.

  • The significant findings of the risk assessment.

  • The written scheme and details of its implementation. This should include:
    • The physical treatment programme - for example, the use of temperature control for hot and cold water systems;
    • The chemical treatment programme, including a description of the manufacturer's data on effectiveness, the concentrations and contact time required;
    • Health and safety information for storage, handling, use and disposal of chemicals;
    • System control parameters (together with allowable tolerances); physical, chemical and biological parameters, together with measurement methods and sampling locations, test frequencies and procedures for maintaining consistency;
    • Remedial measures to be taken if the control limits are exceeded, including lines of communication; and
    • Cleaning and disinfection procedures.

  • The results of any monitoring, inspection, test or check carried out, and their dates. This should include details of the state of operation of the system, i.e. in use/not in use. This should include the checks detailed in appendices 1-3.
  • Details of remedial work and precautionary measures that have been carried out, including sufficient detail to show that they were carried out correctly and the dates on which they were carried out.
  • A log detailing all visits by relevant contractors, consultants and other personnel.
  • Cleaning and disinfection procedures and associated reports and certificates.
  • Results of the chemical analysis of the water.
  • Information on other hazards, eg treatment chemicals.
  • Local environmental health authority cooling tower notifications.
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