SC38 - Appendix 4
06 Dec 2010



Other Legionella Risk Systems




​All managers must identify all systems which contain water where there is a risk from Legionella. It must be ensured that a risk assessment is undertaken for all such systems, with controls in accordance with the HSE guidance document L8 (Fourth Edition), HSG247 Part 1.

The following are examples of systems which should be included, together with suggested controls:

  • Sprinklers and hose reel systems: Consider regular draining and replenishing of the water, particularly if connected to the mains water system; when testing, ensure aerosol generation is minimised.
  • Water Softeners: Clean and disinfect resin and brine tanks as directed by manufacturer.
  • Lathe and machine tool coolant systems: Clean and disinfect storage and distribution of coolant system as directed by manufacturer.
  • Emergency showers and eyewash: Flush through and purge to drain six-monthly or as directed by manufacture. Check operation of thermostat to ensure water is not heated above 20°C.
  • Vehicle Washes: These are usually operated at less than 20°C and may re-cycle water. The filtration and cleaning systems should be checked regularly, cleaning and disinfection should be undertaken in according to manufacturer's instructions.
  • Vehicle screen wash systems: should have recommended concentration of Screen Wash fluid added.
  • Air scrubbers; and
  • Ice machines
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