SC37 - Summary
09 Feb 2011



Code Summary





  • Exposure to hazardous substances

Roles Affected

  • Managers and staff using hazardous substances


The COSHH Regulations require that before any work involving the use of substances hazardous to health commences, the risk to the health of those exposed is considered and appropriate safety precautions adopted. The code describes the processes and standards adopted by STFC to ensure that hazardous substances can be handled with minimal risk to staff, users and visitors.

The work of the STFC involves the manufacture, storage and use of a wide variety of potentially hazardous substances. This includes substances such as cleaning chemicals; dusts; fumes; gases; paints; oils and coatings which are used in office/work environments and by contractors working for the STFC, through to those typically used in chemistry laboratories and research environments including, nano-materials and the unusual and diverse materials brought to STFC facilities by facility users.

The code establishes COSHH Assessors who are competent to assess the risks associated with hazardous substances along with a template assessment form. It also requires that lists of chemicals stored in designated areas are maintained and displayed.​

Contact: Baker, Gareth (STFC,DL,COO)