SC37 - Appendix 3
09 Feb 2011



COSHH Risk Assessment




​Fundamental to the safe use of hazardous substances is to ensure that PRIOR TO USE the hazardous or potentially hazardous properties of all substances to be used have been considered and the risk likely to be created in using them evaluated. Appropriate control measures must then be implemented to reduce the level of risk so as to ensure that the Work Exposure Limit cannot be exceeded.

This code provides a flexible framework for undertaking COSHH risk assessments:-

  • Firstly in a general work environment where a proprietary chemical is being used in accordance with manufacturers instructions, the chemical hazard may be included as part of the general activity risk assessment after consultation with the COSHH Assessor;
  • Secondly in an environment where one or more chemicals are used. For example a cooling fluid in a workshop, a cleaning solvent in a UHV cleaning area or in a Laboratory environment. In such cases a single COSHH assessment which includes all chemicals used in the process should be carried out by a COSHH Assessor

Detailed guidance in undertaking COSHH risk assessments using STFC templates can be found in the "COSHH Risk Assessment Procedure (PDF - 548kB - link opens in a new window)" document.

COSHH assessment templates are available for Word (Word document - 77kB - link opens in a new window) and Excel.

This flow​ chart (PDF - 72kB - link opens in a new window)​ can be used to determine if a full COSHH Assessment is required or if the hazards/control measures can just be added to the General Risk Assessment.

When completed, COSHH Risk Assessments should be stored as attachments in SHE Assure​ in addition to the general risk assessment for the activity.

Contact: Baker, Gareth (STFC,DL,COO)