SC35 - Summary
06 Dec 2010



Code Summary





  • Asbestos related chronic conditions

Roles affected

  • Maintenance staff and contractors
  • Staff and visitors in area where maintenance work is being carried out


Exposure to respirable, airborne, asbestos fibres can lead to a range of occupational diseases, for example mesothelioma for which there is no effective treatment or cure. Asbestos accounts for more work related deaths in the UK than any other cause - in particular for those in the building or building maintenance trades.

The age of STFC sites and facilities is such that asbestos was regularly used during their construction. STFC's policy is the controlled management of known asbestos within buildings and the control of modifications to buildings where asbestos may exist, coupled with safe removal and disposal where this is the safer option.

This code establishes site asbestos registers, managed by Estates teams, detailing the location and integrity of known asbestos. All work on the fabric of buildings must include reference to the asbestos register prior to commencement, and asbestos demolition surveys must be undertaken before refurbishment or demolition of areas.

On finding asbestos or suspected asbestos containing materials all work must cease, the areas vacated and sealed, and Estates and SHE Group's informed.​

Contact: Baker, Gareth (STFC,DL,COO)