SC33 - Summary
09 Feb 2011



Code Summary





Potential explosion or implosion of systems.

Loss of time and money through system failure.

Roles affected

Staff designing, building, maintaining or using Pressure or Vacuum systems.


No specific training courses identified.​

The work of the STFC involves the design, manufacture, maintenance and use of a wide variety of pressure and vacuum systems. This includes systems such as heating plant; cryogen storage dewars; gas cylinders and supply pipelines; vacuum chambers used in experiments and compressors which are used in laboratory/workshop environments and by contractors working for the STFC, through to those systems brought to STFC facilities by facility users.

The code requires that:

  • Risk assessments are carried out prior to any pressure or vacuum system being used, maintained or repaired;
  • Designers of such systems to document the safety of their design;
  • Maintenance on high hazard systems is carried out under a permit;
  • Pressure systems with a stored energy of more than 250 bar litres, or pressure and vacuum systems that contain protective devices must be registered with your local SHE Group to ensure they are receive a regular statutory inspection by an independent third party.

The code establishes pressure/vacuum system nominated engineers, to approve designs and major modifications of pressure and vacuum systems, and the role of pressure system permit issuers, to oversee work on high hazard systems.

Contact: Baker, Gareth (STFC,DL,COO)