SC32 - Summary
19 Sep 2011



Code Summary





  • Fire. 
  • Hot Work.
  • Site Emergencies 

Roles Affected

  • All staff, tenants, contractors
  • Directors;
  • Building Fire Managers;
  • Fire Safety Advisors;
  • Building Wardens;
  • Estates Teams. 


Fires and emergencies present a risk to everyone, and the ability to respond effectively and rapidly to them is a major factor in preventing injury and loss.

This code addresses at a high level site emergency planning requiring each site documents, tests and routinely reviews the content of emergency plans.

The code addresses all aspects of Fire Management at STFC sites: installation and maintenance of fire detection systems; provision of competent advice by Fire Safety Advisors and SHE Group; management of changes to the building fabric; the management of hot work; and most importantly the response expected of everyone in the event of a fire alarm. The code also outline10 basic rules for fire Safety in the STFC - keeping you and everyone else safe.

The code also provides very specific technical guidance for those involved with building construction or renovation work.​

Contact: Smith, Andrew (STFC,DL,COO)