SC26 - Summary
06 Dec 2010



Code Summary






  • Injury from badly maintained equipment or from incorrectly slung loads.

Roles affected

  • Any member of staff or a visitor in the area of the lift.


The failure and/or misuse of lifting equipment has the potential to cause serious personal injury and significant damage to property and the failure of any load-bearing part of any lifting equipment is reportable to the Health and Safety Executive as a Dangerous Occurrence under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (1995) (RIDDOR). The STFC has over 5000 registered items of lifting equipment.

All new lifting equipment purchased or designed in house, needs to be tested, provided with a Certificate of Conformity and registered for inspection. Once registered all lifting equipment and lifting accessories (eye bolts, slings etc.​) need to be regularly inspected by a competent assessor and stored safely to prevent damage.

Staff using lifting equipment need to be trained and competent to manage or supervise lifts, and any incidents involving lifting equipment reported to SHE Group.

Contact: Baker, Gareth (STFC,DL,COO)