SC18 - Appendix 4
06 Dec 2010



Hearing protection



​Provision of hearing protection

Hearing protectors are available through the SHE Group or others at each STFC site. Protectors should be issued for personal use and not on a shared basis wherever possible.

Use of hearing protection

Hearing protection must not be used as an alternative to controlling noise. Hearing protection should be issued to employees when:

  • Extra protection is required above what can be achieved though noise control and
  • As a short term measure whilst other methods of noise control are put in place

The protection should be suitable for the environment in which it will be worn i.e. comfortable and hygienic. Consideration should be given to the need for the protection to be worn with other protective equipment e.g. hard hat, eye protection etc.

Give employees the chance to choose from a range of acceptable hearing protectors, and ensure there is an appropriate place for them to store their hearing protection.

If the user wears glasses, jewellery, has long hair or a beard there may be problems ensuring a satisfactory fit of hearing protection, for example with earmuffs, please consult SHE Group.

Maintenance of Hearing Protection

In order to ensure the hearing protection remains in good condition and works effectively ensure that:

  • Earmuff seals are undamaged
  • The headband tension is not reduced
  • No modifications have been made to the earmuffs and
  • Ensure disposable ear plugs are clean, soft and pliable – especially if re-used
Contact: Baker, Gareth (STFC,DL,CSD)