SC15 - Training
06 Dec 2010



Appendix 1



RoleInitial trainingRefresherFrequencyComments
Staff Letting Contracts (SLC)
SLC training should be considered by their line managers dependent on the nature and scale of the contracts let. Those with significant H&S hazards should attend the STFC Contractor SHE Management course, 1 day5 Years
SLCs will require general training in the procurement processes operated by the STFC’s centralised procurement provider. This will not address the SHE aspects of contract letting.
Contract Supervising OfficersSTFC Contractor SHE Management course, 1 DaySTFC Contractor SHE Management course, 1 Day5 Years 
Contractors Contractor SHE induction requirements defined in SHE Code 10: SHE Training Site and work specific training requirements defined by the CSO.  

Contact: Baker, Gareth (STFC,DL,CSD)