SC06 - Training
06 Dec 2010



Training requirements



RoleInitial training

​Staff writing risk assessments or reviewing quality of risk assessments
​STFC awareness training (2 hours) Includes live demo of RA in SHE Assure
​Awareness course repeated
​5 years or sooner if required

​Line managers/Supervisors
​Risk Assessment is also covered by the 3 day – Safety Management for Technical Managers course (equivalent to the ‘risk assessment awareness’ course)
​5 years after attendance at 3 day course, attendees should attend the awareness course above.
​Staff using the ‘On the job’ risk assessment pad.
​OTJ risk assessment training from manager using SHE Group PowerPoint presentation.
​As needed.
​Contractors must provide STFC with relevant risk assessments and method statements relating to work carried out for STFC.​

Contact: Baker, Gareth (STFC,DL,COO)