SC06 - Audit checklist
06 Dec 2010



Audit checklist



​1 (4.1.1; 4.2.1)Have risk assessments been conducted for all activities with the potential for injury, harm to health or damage to the environment?  
2 (4.1.1)Are risk assessments documented in the SHE Assure​?  
3 (4.2.2)Have actions arising from risk assessments been implemented to plan?  
4 (App 5)Have all supervisors/managers been trained in risk assessment techniques and the STFC Risk Assessment database?
Has refresher training been undertaken?
5 (4.2.4)Have all risk assessments been reviewed at least on a 2 yearly basis?  
6Have Business Unit Managers/Directors conducted an annual review of the state of risk assessment in their area of responsibility?  
Contact: Baker, Gareth (STFC,DL,CSD)