SC06 - Appendix 4
06 Dec 2010



HAZOP/HAZAN Assessments




​Historically associated with the process industry Hazard and Operability (HAZOP), Hazard Identification (HAZID) and Hazard Analysis (HAZAN) should be applied to some major projects within STFC such as the design of major facilities or even large beam lines or experimental facilities. These techniques provide a structured and systematic method of assessing current or planned processes or operations to identify and evaluate potential SHE hazards thereby informing design and operation.

The question of which projects would benefit from such assessments is not clear cut but if there is a significant risk of a catastrophic failure which could result in a fatality, severe damage to STFC estate or result in an environmental release which would cause a breach of an environmental permit then such an assessment may be beneficial. In addition a seemingly small change to a larger system, which may originally have been the subject of a HAZOP, may also warrant a further HAZOP.

At the other end of the scale single beamlines which do not involve complex process infrastructure would not normally need such an assessment.

As these assessments are undertaken infrequently within STFC it is likely that external help may required at least to facilitate the assessment, if not to lead it. If you are unsure about the need for such an assessment or would like advice on getting external support you should contact your local SHE group.

Useful reading:

HAZOP and HAZAN, Trevor Kletz, IChemE, ISBN 0 85295 421 2

HAZOP: Guide to Best Practice, Brian J Tyler, IChemE, ISBN 0 85295 525 1

Practical HAZOPs, Trips and Alarms, D MacDonald, Elsevier, ISBN 0 75066 274 3


Contact: Smith, Andrew (STFC,DL,COO)