SC02 - Summary
05 Oct 2012



Safe Movement of Vehicles on STFC sites, Summary





  • Movement of vehicles in close proximity to pedestrians 

Roles Affected

  • All Persons on STFC sites.


  • None identified.

The STFC operates several large sites for which the management of vehicular traffic is an important aspect of site safety, and is committed to preventing incidents involving vehicles and pedestrians on its sites.

This code requires that site estates managers produce and maintain a ‘site vehicle transport’ risk assessments to ensure, where possible, the safe movement of all vehicles and the separation of vehicles and pedestrians. Managers responsible for activities inside buildings involving vehicles, for example fork lift trucks, should also undertake a risk assessment to ensure that pedestrians are not endangered.

The code also requires that, where the usual routes for pedestrians or traffic are disrupted by activities such as construction work, safe alternatives must form part of any activity or project risk assessment and that these must be agreed with the relevant manager.

The code requires that the Highway Code is adhered to by everyone on STFC sites - pedestrians and car, van, motorbike, or bicycle users.

Contact: Baker, Gareth (STFC,DL,COO)