SC01 - Summary
05 Jul 2016



Code Summary





  • entry into confined spaces;
  • handling biological, flammable or toxic materials;
  • working with asphyxiants or in areas with oxygen depletion systems;
  • significant manual handling activities;
  • working “on call”;
  • work with high pressure systems; or
  • working in high temperatures or outdoors in extreme weather conditions.

Roles Affected

  • All Persons on STFC sites.


  • None identified.​

The demands of scientific experimentation, and technology development/testing often result in STFC staff and others working alone. Lone working does not always occur in isolated locations. Such work can occur at any time during the working day and can be associated with long or extended working hours or working out of normal working hours including weekend/bank holiday working. This is a natural part of the culture associated with scientific endeavour, cutting edge technology development, operating facilities or delivering 24/7 services.

In these circumstances the safety controls, support and communication channels present when working alongside colleagues for example in the event of a fire, equipment failure, illness or injury, may be different or absent and need to be considered. Fatigue is an extra factor to be considered when working long or extended hours, in particular out of normal working hours.

Contact: Baker, Gareth (STFC,DL,COO)