Liverpool University Staff in Cockcroft Institute
17 Sep 2012



Safety information for Liverpool University staff in the Cockcroft Institute


​On behalf of the STFC welcome to the Cockcroft Institute (CI) - we hope your time working at the CI is productive and SAFE. While you, and colleagues from other partner Universities, work out of the CI you are required to follow the STFC’s SHE Management Systems – SHE Codes. This approach ensures that a single set of SHE systems operate in the CI building and on the Daresbury Laboratory site avoiding confusion and the potential for misunderstanding.  This does not remove responsibility from the University of Liverpool for your health and safety.

All office and activity specific Risk Assessments should be undertaken using the procedures set out in STFC SHE​ Code 6: Risk Management. Copies of all Risk Assessments must be countersigned by Carsten Welsh and sent to the relevant Department management at the University of Liverpool.

Key STFC SHE information:

Contacts and information at Liverpool University:

STFC and Liverpool University cooperate on safety issues related to staff working in the Cockcroft Insitute, for example the results of safety tours are copied to the relevant department at Liverpool. It has also been agreed that general office and any specific activity risk assessments should be undertaken using the procedure set out in the STFC SHE Code on Risk Management, with a copy going to the relevant department at Liverpool.

Further information can be obtained either from the STFC SHE Group or from the local safety contact, Chris Dick​inson (ext 3027)

Contact: Baker, Gareth (STFC,DL,COO)