Innovations - Technology Access Centre
25 Oct 2012



Safety information for I-TAC Tenants


​On behalf of the STFC welcome to the Innovations - Technology Access Centre (I-TAC) - we hope your time working at the I-TAC is productive and SAFE. While you, and colleagues from other firms, work out of the I-TAC you are required to follow the STFC’s SHE Management Systems – SHE Codes. This approach ensures that a single set of SHE systems operate in the I-TAC buildings and STFC laboratories at RAL and DL avoiding confusion and the potential for misunderstanding.

All office and activity specific Risk Assessments should be undertaken using the procedures set out in STFC SHE Code 6: Risk Management. Copies of all Risk Assessments must be authorised by a member of the I-TAC management.

Key STFC SHE information:

Contacts and information:

Contact: Smith, Andrew (STFC,DL,COO)