Frequently Asked Questions
30 Apr 2020







Q: Should I move an injured person to the Occupational Health Centre for first aid or medical treatment?

A: STFC Occupational Health (OH) departments do not offer First Aid treatment, do not attempt to move or direct the injured or ill person to the OH Centre. If it’s an emergency call the relevant site emergency number.​

Q: I've noticed the eye wash bottles are out of date in my Dept and the plaster dispenser is empty, who should I inform?

A: The plaster dispenser will be near a First Aid poster with the name of the guardian of that box. Please contact this First Aider directly to inform them about both the eye wash bottles and the empty plaster dispenser. Please remember to copy​ ''​ to the email, so OH can monitor completion of this task.

Q: I'm a trained First Aider and have treated someone, I have some waste (small bandage with a little blood on it), what do I do with it now?

A: ​Under Environment Agency/SEPA​ waste classifictions, small amounts of healthcare waste are classified as ​'AN',​ Absolutely Non-hazardous and can be diposed of with normal household waste.

Q: If I’ve injured myself and know my nearest First Aider, can I approach them directly instead of calling Security?

A: Yes of course – First aid notice boards in your Dept are aimed at introducing local First Aiders so you can approach them. They will still treat you, call upon additional help if needed and report the incident on a treatment form. The alert system via Security is designed to mobilise the nearest first aiders to an incident when the casualty/person responding is unaware which authorised First Aiders are currently on site, saving valuable time.

Q: I heated up some homemade soup for my lunch in the communal kitchen and spilled it slightly, burning my hand. I put it under the cold tap and its feeling ok now. Do I need to report this on SHE Assure?

A: No – As this injury was not work-related, you do not need to report it via SHE Assure. However, please do not hesitate to ask for assistance from a First Aider for any injury that is work or non-work related. No matter how minor you feel the injury is, it may be worth them casting a trained eye over it.

Q: One of my visitors slipped on some ice in the car park, I called the site emergency phone number and a First Aider attended. They’ve gone now but I was so distracted I didn’t catch their name or whether they reported the incident. Should I report this incident on SHE Assure?​

A: Yes – anyone (staff, visitor, tenant, contractor etc) who injures themselves on STFC property should report this incident. If the incident is reported by the First Aider and another member of STFC staff then SHE Group will delete the duplicate, better twice than missed completely!​

Q: I was driving from DL to RAL for a meeting and was involved in a near-miss car incident in a service station car park. Whilst ok at the time, the following day my lower back began to hurt. Can I ask for advice from a First Aider?

A: Yes of course – either contact your nearest First Aider if you know who that is or contact Security who will direct a First Aider to you. Please remember to report any incidents whilst driving on work business on SHE Assure. Please specify your injury in the report, even though it was time delayed and any time off work due to the incident. Please also inform your line manager.

Q: I hit my head accidentally, when I contacted Security 2 First Aiders turned up. Why do I need 2?

A: Security will always send a minimum of 2 First Aiders to each incident. It may be that one First Aider needs to focus entirely on the casualty while the other makes some necessary phone calls.

Q: I fell and scraped my hip, I may need to remove my trousers. Can I request a female first aider?

A: Yes – every casualty is entitled to request a First Aider of the same gender. Where available, this will be arranged.

Q: I’ve been suffering with a terrible headache most of the day. What should I do?

A: You can contact a First Aider who will assess your headache. However, please note only your line manager has the authority to send you home.

Q: Can I request paracetamol or aspirin from a First Aider?

A: No. First Aiders are not allowed to provide any form of medicine.

Q: I have a chronic illness which makes me prone to fits. Do I need to tell the First Aiders in my Dept?

A: This is entirely your decision. There would be a benefit to informing First Aiders within your Dept as they are most likely to be called to treat you if you had a fit. It may help to inform the First Aiders of any specific information your Doctor has provided you with in relation to how you should be treated during a fit. In addition, you could wear a medical bracelet to inform any other First Aiders who may be unaware of your condition.

Contact: Baker, Gareth (STFC,DL,COO)