SN279 - Unauthorised access to construction sites
17 May 2021





​There are currently a large number of construction projects in progress across STFC, which can present some significant hazards if appropriate controls are not followed.  These hazards might be obvious, like those associated with increased construction traffic on the roads around site, or be present within the construction compounds themselves. In this case one of the fundamental controls in place is to keep unauthorised personnel out of these areas by use of barriers. Breaching these barriers can be dangerous​​​.​

​Please follow all signs on or near site construction site boundries​​

There have been reported instances of non-construction personnel entering designated construction sites without authorisation or following appropriate access and safety induction procedures. As well as being dangerous this breaches a number of health and safety regulations.

As a reminder, when moving around site please be aware of your surroundings and the activities going on, and do not cross any barriers put in place to protect your safety.

​​Various types of construction site boundry fencing is used on STFC site (a) temporary rigid boundry walls, (b) Heras fencing, (c) plastic road safety barriers​

If you witness anyone breaching construction site barriers, or entering areas they should not, please report this immediately to the relevant security team on the respective emergency contact numbers shown below, so that appropriate action can be taken. Please follow this up with an incident report in SHE Assure.

DL dial 3333 (01925 603333 from a mobile)

RAL dial 2222 (01235 778888 from a mobile)

RoE dial 222

Contact: Baker, Gareth (STFC,DL,COO)