RAL emergencies


If you discover a fire:

  • Break glass alarm
  • Shout!
  • Dial Emergency Services on 2222 or 01235 778888 from a mobile
  • Give location of fire

When you hear the fire alarm:

Medical Emergencies

Serious injuries or incapacitation:

  1. Dial 2222 from the nearest telephone, mobile equivalent 01235 778888 and ask for First Aid Assistance
  2. Give exact location (building & room)
  3. Cope with the immediate emergency to make the casualty safe
  4. If an ambulance is called at the scene inform Security on ext 5545

Minor injuries

Contact a local First Aider.

If the identity and location of the nearest First Aider is not known, contact Security on Ext 5545 for further advice.

Incidents and Near Misses

All Safety, Health and Environmental incidents, including fires and near misses - incidents that have not resulted in injury - must be reported to both Line Management and the Safety Officer, or in the case of those involving radiation, to the Radiation Protection Advisers. All incidents should be reported using the 'Report Incident' link above, recording the date/time and location of the incident, those involved, and a brief description of the incident. In order to facilitate subsequent investigation it is important that following an incident or accident, equipment, machinery etc., should be left untouched unless by so doing a further hazard would be created.

S Wollen
RAL Fire Safety Officer
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